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Foreign Workers & Caregivers

Over the past 20 years or so hundreds of thousands of immigrants have arrived to Israel, many of the came legally to work at such professions Israelis no longer wanted to work in and Palestinian workers were no longer allowed to due to the separation forced by Israel.

Most workers arrived to Israel from oriental countries such as Thailand, India and the Philippines to work at such professions as caregivers at nursing homes or in the private sector, agricultural workers, builders or the hotel and catering industries. The greed of some of the human resource agencies have driven them to abuse the foreign employees rights and over the years illegal workers have managed to enter Israel and work independently at employers who are willing to break the law, and thus able to treat the illegal foreign workers even worst, sometimes making them work 100 hours a week for less than minimum wage. To top it all, Israeli government has initiated the formation of a ne police division with one objective: catching illegal workers and immigrants and expelling them from the country.

The past few years showed that things can be different. New organizations are fighting on behalf of the foreign workers and many of them have now managed to get a legal status and find more rewarding jobs that enables them to support their families back home. Again, many of these workers are employed by elderly people suffering such illnesses as dementia and need a 24/7 caretaker accompanying them to wherever they go and helping then even with the simplest of house chores.

While the foreign workers staying in Israel these have slightly better prospects tan their past years counterparts, there is still much that is left to be done in order to improve their quality of life and the social benefits they should receive, such as every other employee in Israel.