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General demographic changes in coming years

Hispanics in the US

Researchers have found that by the 2050 the US demographic division will undergo major changes (see the original USA Today story) and white population (non-Hispanic) will drop to less than half of the population – a drop from the majority of 67% in present day.

This shift in the US population will also bring another religious change. Most USA citizens are Christians, and of those, most are Catholic. With Hispanics being the single latest growing sector is US population, the Catholic Church members in the United States are expected to soar and have possible ramification on the entire American culture and habits. In 2050, Hispanics are expected to be the largest US minority with 29% of the population, Whites, mostly European origin, will have roughly 49% of the US population.

Israel and Islam – demographics

Israel is also expected to undergo many changes in coming years. Jewish population is still expected to be dominant in 2030 – but not as dominant as today. Muslims are expected to grow to a total of 20% of the total population – from 16% today, but this is not the most dramatic change Israel will undergo. By 2030 the majority of the Jewish population is expected to be religious for the first time is modern Israel's short history.

While the great Russian immigration of the 1990's delayed a few demographic changes bringing to Israel 1.5 million Jewish mostly secular immigrants, the tendencies of the Muslims and religious Jews to raise large families where 6-10 children per family is considered the norm will change the Israeli demographic map significantly in coming years. This will also lead to great changes in lifestyle and other aspects difficult to predict.