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Trips to Jerusalem by Egged

One of the most popular ways to tour Israel is by bus, and the biggest bus company in the country is Egged operating both as a public mass transport company and as a private tours operator. Egged has a fleet of thousands of busses and is catering bus tours and trip all across Israel and even to Jordan.

Since the majority of the tourists are Christians arriving from the USA, the EU countries and Japan, the company has designed a number of attractive day tours to all the holy places in Israel. Some of the trips are 8-10 hours 1 day tours, while others can last 2-3 days including hotel accommodations and meals.

Egged destinations for its bus tours include mainly various trips to Jerusalem, the holy Christian landmarks at Bethlehem and Jericho, daily tours to the Dead Sea and the Masada fortress, tours departing to Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee, the ancient roman town of Caesarea and a few tour packages to Petra in Jordan, which is a beautiful and ancient city built by the Nabataeans.

If you visit Israel and interested in touring the country with expert tour guides in comfortable and luxurious busses you should check out Egged. The day tours to the holy places, especially the ones heading to Jerusalem come in many different flavors targeted and various tourist types arriving to Israel.  The prices seem fair starting at a moderate 42 dollars for a half day trip, while the companies' top offering is called "Complete Israel – a Modular Tour" – this tour encompasses many of Israel's top tourist attractions for a duration of 7 days including 6 nights in various hotels.

This complete tour begins in Jerusalem and goes on to the Judean Desert and the Dead Sea, Massada and Ein Gedi. The tourist then goes on to visit Nazareth, Safed and the Sea of Galilee. Next comes the Mount Hermon, Golan Heights and the spectacular archeological site of Beit Shean. The last day comprises mainly of the Caesarea and Mount Carmel.

During this tour, visitors can plan some of their own activities by contacting Egged ahead. So if you are looking for travel destinations off the bitten track you may be able to crate your own daily trips – especially if you are part of a large organized group buying lots of seats on the bus.