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Religions of the World

There are many religions in the world, well over a 4,000 are documented and active today and many thousands more had risen and fallen over the course of History. Most these religions were unorganized and unpopular, with merely a handful of followers in small regions and communities. A few, however, grew popular over the years and became widely known and worshiped by many. Other religions had failed in gaining immense popularity but still managed to attract enough followers to stay relevant thousands of years after they were first introduced.

Biggest religion in the world

Christianity and Islam are the 2 biggest religions in the world with the largest number of followers. As with most other religions, these 2 are also divided into many sects – many of which can sometimes be viewed as a separate religion altogether.

As mentions, Christianity is the most popular religions with over two billion followers (approx. 2,100,000,000), but Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world and is gaining numerous followers in many countries worldwide. Other hugely popular religions are Hinduism (with almost 1 billion followers) and traditional Chinese with nearly 0.5 billion followers. Judaism, seldom perceived as a large religions, has an estimate of 18 million followers worldwide.

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